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Portage Errors: dev-perl/DBD-mysql vs dev-perl/DBI

This is a very old bug but I’m covering it here anyway because it keeps popping up on dusty servers and I forget how to solve it.

If you do a world update on a box that hasn’t had one in about a year you might notice that dev-perl/DBD-mysql (in the case in front of me, 4.01.3) fails to compile and nothing you do with perl-cleaner seems to fix it. You need to force-rebuild dev-perl/DBI.

# emerge -1 dev-perl/DBI

ClearOS 5.2 HVM Edition for HVM/KVM/QEMU/VirtualBox

This image is based on the paravirtualized xen image I posted earlier, the only difference being GRUB is installed on the MBR and configured to load a regular 2.6 kernel by default. The option to boot Clear’s xen implementation was not removed. It should work with any hardware virtualization software that accepts raw hard disk images. It has been tested successfully with QEMU and VirtualBox.

qemu -hda clear-foxpaws.hvm.hdd -boot c -m 512
Do not forget to add at least two -nic options.

Create a new virtual machine for 32-bit RedHat. Add the disk image on the IDE controller (it will default to the SATA controller). Create two network interfaces in bridged mode and bridge them to your active NIC.

Download your copy at (262M)

UPDATE Check out ClearOS TROllup Edition!

ClearOS 5.2 Enterprise Xen Edition

The following is the README file I have included with the package:

ClearOS 5.2 foxpaws edition Oct 2010

This is a basic installation of ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 with modifications
covered by articles at It resides on an ext3 filesystem
on a partition within a sparse, raw disk image. It can be managed with losetup,
lomount and kpartx. GRUB is configured to load a domU kernel by default and
options exist for regular kernel (hvm) and the CentOS distribution of xen
as a dom0 (this image should be directly writable to a hard drive). ClearSDN
updates have been installed up until Oct 20 2010 and the registration has
been wiped. Don't forget to add this VM to your ClearSDN account to receive

Caveats and considerations:
 - comes with iftop
 - custom firewall rules in webconfig block pings to external interface by
 - custom snort rules with SIDs beginning with 4000000
 - applied
 - user username is user, password is user (must SU on physical console)
 - root password is root
 - automatic updates are disabled by default
 - graphical console disabled
 - serial console is forced onto /dev/ttyS0
 - ports 81 and 22 open on external interface by default
 - eth0 ext gw
 - eth1 lan
 - admin https://[|]:81
 - grant users shell access enabled

Don't forget to update the vif configuration entries to reflect the networking
setup of your dom0 and ensure the MACs do not conflict with existing VMs.

The installation was more or less based on this (slightly oudated) checklist:

The included domU kernel will only work on PAE-compatible or 64 bit
hypervisor implementations and requires pygrub by default, however it can
be run without pygrub if the domU kernel and initrd (initrd-noscsi.img)
located in /boot/ are externalized.

Download at (261M)

UPDATE Check out ClearOS TROllup Edition!

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