This is a collection of files that have accompanied my posts:

geofence.shGeofence with iptables: Blocking Countries at the Firewall
riptables.phpRemote Controlled Netfilter with iptables, httpd and sudo
rcleartables.phpRemote Controlled Netfilter with ClearOS API
DFind_1.0.9.rarUsing DFind.exe and Blocking

Virtual Machines

clear-foxpaws.tar.lzmaClearOS 5.2 Enterprise Xen Edition
clear-foxpaws.hvm.hdd.tar.lzmaClearOS 5.2 HVM Edition for HVM/KVM/QEMU/VirtualBox
clear-trollup.tar.lzmaClearOS 5.2 TROllup Edition

kernel-domU-3.2.12Download: 32-bit PAE Xen Paravirtual DomU 3.2.12 Kernel

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