A New NATO Phonetic Alphabet to Make Voice Calls Fun Again

If you're like me you spend a lot of time on the phone with people who are challenged with aural disabilities (customer service reps, level 1 tech support, etc.). To bring a little joy to the experience I have painstakingly developed a new NATO Phonetic Alphabet you can use to brighten everyone's day.

A as in Asshole
B as in Bitch
C as in Cunt
D as in Dick
E as in Ecstasy
F as in Fuck
G as in Gabapentin
H as in Heroin
I as in Injection
J as in Junk
K as in Ketamine
L as in Lick
M as in Molly
N as in Naloxone
O as in Orgasm
P as in Penis
Q as in Quaalude
R as in Rohypnol
S as in Sex
T as in Tramadol
U as in Urine
V as in Vagina
W as in Watersports
X as in Xanax
Y as in Yiff
Z as in Zoloft

You're welcome.


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