Catastrophic Zimbra Meltdown Over Dinky Missing Log Files


Upon restarting a Zimbra instance this morning:

        Starting ldap...Done.
        Starting zmconfigd...Done.
        Starting logger...Failed.
Starting logswatch...failed.

        Starting mailbox...Done.
        Starting antispam...Done.
        Starting antivirus...Done.
        Starting snmp...Done.
        Starting spell...Done.
        Starting mta...Done.
        Starting stats...Done.

It was worse than that.

# su - zimbra
$ zmcontrol status
Host mx.drlogick.com
        antispam                Running
        antivirus               Running
        ldap                    Running
        logger                  Stopped
                zmlogswatchctl is not running
        mailbox                 Running
        mta                     Running
        snmp                    Stopped
                zmswatch is not running.
        spell                   Running
        stats                   Running
        zmconfigd               Running

It took me some time and frustration to find these and figure it out:

$ cat /opt/zimbra/log/zmswatch.out
Error opening /var/log/zimbra.log: No such file or directory at /opt/zimbra/data/tmp/.swatch_script.6212 line 98.

$ cat /opt/zimbra/log/zmlogswatch.out
Error opening /var/log/zimbra-stats.log: No such file or directory at /opt/zimbra/data/tmp/.swatch_script.5784 line 92.

Substitute with zcat, if like in my situation these lines are actually hidden in a logrotated file.

The problem is that I had cleared out my /var/log as the available root fs space dwindled. Apparently Zimbra can't survive without these two log files. Re-create them then restart zimbra:

# touch /var/log/zimbra-stats.log
# touch /var/log/zimbra.log
# chown zimbra: /var/log/zimbra-stats.log
# chown zimbra: /var/log/zimbra.log


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