Documentary for Dinner: A Competent Democracy (2012)

A Competent Democracy (newfuturemedia.net) examines the purported shortcomings of politics-based democracy and endorses a more technical approach.

While this short film feels like an abbreviated Venus Project documentary I am always happy to watch something that is more about solutions than problems.

I am reminded of Voltaire's preference for enlightened despotism:

Democracy seems suitable only to a very little country, and further it must be happily situated. Small though it be, it will make many mistakes, because it will be composed of men.

Unfortunately, being "enlightened" is dangerous as it justifies any action in the mind of the despot. Utopians feel justified in imposing their vision because they feel their vision is, by defninition, perfect. This enevitably results in - at best - trampling on the visions of others.


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