Documentary for Dinner: The 2nd Assassination of JFK (2010)

The 2nd Assassination of JFK bemoans the recent loss of funding and subsequent program terminations at NASA through interviews with retired employees and politicians in the vicinity of the Kennedy Space Center.

Despite the jobs being lost as an indirect result of NASA's de-funding I for one am quite optimistic about the future of corporate space ventures.

I am particularly tired of the time-worn argument most NASA defenders (including those in this film) eventually resort to - without NASA there would be no microwave oven and so on. This film makes that argument in one breath then in another points out that virtually everything made by NASA is done by corporate contractors. Would we really have no microwave oven without NASA? One can not really say how the course of development for any number of technologies would be affected were there no space program. I feel the argument is empty and distracting.

The film also points out that jobs in every state are affected by budget cuts to NASA but does not explore the widely accepted fact that this is by design; a tactic intended to prevent congress from shutting their programs down by putting the jobs of sizeable numbers of constituents on the line for every congressperson and senator.


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