Documentary for Dinner: War Made Easy (2008)

I'm a very big fan of documentary films and thought I might start sharing what I'm watching in this new line of articles: Documentary for Dinner. Why this name? First, I like to watch documentaries when eating alone because by the time I'm done shoveling food into my face I can at least say I've learned something. Second, I couldn't think of anything particularly clever.

On that note I'd like to share a film clever enough that I've just finished enjoying it for the third time:

Sean Penn narrates in this exploration of the timeless campaign of deception by the government of the United States against its citizens in the interest of starting, then maintaining wars past and present. Particular attention is paid to Vietnam and the wars in Iraq. Though the film could be written off as an ongoing interview of Norman Solomon (founder of the Institute for Publuic Accuracy which produced it), enough time is spent on historic news footage to make it feel well-rounded.


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