Epic Segfault: Zimbra 5.0.18's slapd on Ubuntu 8.04 Server LTS


After dealing with kernel panics (from what I am hoping was merely OOMs) by moving my new Zimbra VM to a different box and giving it 4 cores and 4 gigs of ram and 4 gigs of swap I was about 80 accounts deep into my second Courier-IMAP Maildir Migration when it started throwing this error:

service.FAILURE (system failure: ZimbraLdapContext)

dmesg shows:

[ 1299.261973] slapd[10678]: segfault at 444d2d54 eip b778f154 esp b1587e28 error 4

Upon restarting Zimbra everything seems to be fine. Unfortunately, the one reference to this error I have found (http://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Uninstall_Instructions_for_Unix_and_Windows_Account_Management_in_Admin_UI) states:

Once this is done, you're almost out of the woods, but this last step is very, very important. You MUST run slapindex to update the indexes in your Zimbra LDAP database, or you run the risk of having segfault/protection errors that crash the slapd process. So far, this has mostly been observed using Zimbra Network Edition running on Ubuntu 8.04 Server LTS. The exact command is '/opt/zimbra/openldap-'. The command will probably throw you an error message about "loglevel". Open the referenced slapd file and temporarily change the log-level to an actual number (49152 is what I usually set it to). Then revert that change after slapindex has run. Start Zimbra again via 'zmcontrol start' and watch the processes for about 30 minutes to make sure nothing is amiss. If you get slapd errors, run slapindex again, it's usually the cause of the problem.

The article has very little to do with what I'm trying to accomplish, but given the versions of Ubuntu and Zimbra I think it's a fair bet that either/and:

  • We're having the same problem anyway
  • Running slapindex might solve my problem too

Unfortunately, the migration moves quite slowly so adding slapindex to the script is out of the question.

I'll be giving ZCS 8 a shot on RHEL 6 tomorrow. Hooray. >.>


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