Favourite RHEL/CentOS Packages

I frequently start a fresh install with the minimal distribution. This makes for a lean, space-efficient virtual machine but leaves a number of tools missing. This page serves as a (living/in progress) quick list of all the software I like to install as soon as a new environment is running so I don't have to reach for it later, in an emergency.

If you choose a different preconfiguration of packages (i.e. Server instead of Minimal) some of these tools will already be available, but it doesn't hurt to bundle them all on the same CLI.

Some of these packages will require enabling the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux repos and you will probably end up needing them anyway:

dnf install epel-release

  • nano
  • net-misc
  • psmisc
  • bind-utils
  • whois
  • wget
  • nmap
  • screen
  • mlocate
  • youtube-dl
  • tigervnc

Text-based browsers elinks, links and lynx now require enabling the PowerTools repository:
dnf --enablerepo=PowerTools install elinks links lynx
NOTE as of RHEL 8 the repo is now called powertools with no capitalization.


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