Fun With Vapour Part Seven: That's a Wrap.

I've been a non-smoker for three months now. I haven't hit the e-cigarettes in as many weeks. I recently bought $60 worth of new flavours and syringes and dropper bottles because I expected vaping to replace smoking in my life but most of the first flavours I ordered remain unopened.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining. That's the last $60 I wasted on smoking, real or otherwise.

On the contrary, I'm writing to sing the praises of electronic cigarettes one last time because of how completely and totally they have saved me from an otherwise unperturbed addiction. Although I see a lot of people on e-cig forums who have been vaping for years,  my experience has been that vaping begins to feel like a cumbersome burden until one day it just doesn't do anything for you.

I still enjoy the odd cigarette when friends come to visit, and they hit me like a metric tonne of bricks. Although I sometimes get a craving it's only about as strong as a craving for ice cream, and as easily dismissed.

I can't adequately express how liberating it feels to be able to breathe, to taste, to have just mild optimism about future health. To sit down on the train and not have people scoot away because you reek so badly of smoke you're giving them a headache. To have all that extra money for weed. To be able to rent in the nicer houses. To be able to sit through a movie, enjoy my meal at a restaurant, wake up without a nicotine knot in the pit of my stomach - the list goes on!

On that note, my deepest thanks to everyone who is involved in the manufacture, distribution and promotion of electronic cigarettes. Even if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, my quality of life has improved today.



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