FurFinding: Neat Stuff I Found While Cleaning up the Furry Sites Database

I've been going through the furry sites database at http://yiffy.tk/review.php lately to keep dead sites out of the new FurFinder index and categorize those not already in The Furnpike. Here's some of the neat things I've found:

@Silvermanes, home of Greycats and the "Furr Friends":

A classic frames-and-autoplaying-music site. Better, the autoplaying music is the theme from Friends, which the Furr Friends are supposedly some sort of furry take on. If you could distill the 90s from this site and put it into a jar you might stand to make a mint.


Hackles may end up in the running for most durable webcomic ever one day. The titular character is a UNIX geeky dog it started in 2001. By 2004, the creators had split up and the comic ended - but as of today the domain is registered until 2021.

Infurmation Technology:

Another webcomic from the stone age, Infurmation Technology's last post is dated Thursday September 13, 2001. The latest "comic" is a photo of the rubble at ground zero. It's like someone stuffed it in a ziploc bag and forgot it at the back of the freezer for 12 years.

Molotov Cocktail:

This comic ends in 2007 on a humorously naive note. Not only would the place of conservatives and liberals be switched by most outside observers but it would appear the liberal "aganda" [sic] wasn't in such bad shape after all if it would lead to two democratic terms not a year later. Furry Republicans: the denial is as thick as pudding here.


Talk about a blast from the past:

System Requirements For This Website
Intel® Pentium 166 or compatible microprocessor or higher
32MB Random Access Memory (RAM) or higher
VGA or higher resolution video adapter
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, Me, 2000, XP, or Vista
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or Later
Windows-compatible sound card
Headphones or Speakers
Administrator privileges on your computer



On a side note, lol. I checked out "The Furnpike", and was disappointed to see that the only site under "ideology" was 420furs ;_;


Oh my, that Republican one is just simply priceless.

On a starkly contrasting note, that 9/11 one got me kind of like worried for the mental state of that guy. Lol, hope he's K.