furry.media Donation Auction


The furry.media sites are being held ransom to the tune of $170USD/230CAD, due to an unpaid bill with our hosting company. furry.media sites include the under-development VIPlush site, Ychan, TentacleRape.Net and many more sites and services, including our Telegram bot. What this means is that it is no longer possible for me to update, fix, backup or otherwise work on any of these until the bill is paid. If it goes on too long sites will be disconnected (some already are for other reasons but I am currently powerless to fix them).

Due to personal financial struggles I'm not able to cover the bill on my own so I'd like to try something new. I'm asking for donations by paypal to fopspaws [at] gmail.com - the highest donor as of the deadline at midnight, July 19 will receive the following six brand new miniature plushies. Thank you so much for your support! Don't forget to include your shipping address with your donation! For assistance or information please feel free to drop by the foxpa.ws Telegram Group.



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