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Yes folks, I've finally thrown in the towel - after so many years with a broken comments button I'm shoehorning an off-grade instant messenger into their place. All joking aside, when I set out to write the commenting system my ambition was sky-high and I did not foresee putting the project on what has admittedly become a sarcastically hiatus. I wanted to support three kinds of markup, including safely handling user-supplied HTML even though I'd probably only end up enabling BBCode for foxpa.ws proper. A kinder man would have gone with a minimalist, working implementation and built off it iteratively so that comments would function here and then bells and whistles could be added later. Indeed that would on its surface be in keeping with the design philosophy I have espoused for the framework.

Additionally, I have created the foxpa.ws downloads channel to leverage Telegram's file hosting capabilities (ironically only a few days after the maximum file sizes were reduced to make their new paid tier more enticing) and carve out a space I can rely on to archive and share with you all various bits of software and other data that (at least I, with my unfortunate, little peanut-sized fox brain) find difficult to obtain or suspect will soon become as such, plus other files that may supplement future articles which may not quite belong hosted directly under this domain or on this server... I suppose we'll just have to see how this little experiment develops.

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Companion downloads for foxpa.ws articles, also obscure, deprecated and difficult to find software and datasets. Topics including development, electronics, security, administration, virtualization, linux, solaris, qubes + time saving tools, tips & tricks!


Here, have a promotional video I lifted from the Telegram downloads site. A little bird in marketing told me they tend to foster adoption among consumers by illustrating the product's dynamism and utility! ^.~


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