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I rebooted this blog a few years ago with the now oh-so-naive-seeming intent to use it as a sort of demo project, a bit of a widget if you will (and if you'll do me the honour of wincing in tandem) around which I would bootstrap the development of my brand new, very sexy, world-conquering, last-project-I'll-ever-design web and mobile app software framework. Things were good then. I could see the future as clear as day. I could see this day; this day when I was supposed to be well past the gruelling initial library building and poised smugly atop a throne built on elegance, standards and cutting edge programming concepts executed with time-tested conventions culminating in one of the finest hierarchical, extensible, flexible, optimal and cumulative platforms ever to dust encountering the availability monster off its sentient nanotech, weapon-of-mass-destruction, cult leading (and deserving!) shoulder.

Alas, today is not that day. It's not even not that day. Today is so far removed from what I ever could have expected a day in this, the year of our lord: 2022 to manifest that I am literally numb to registering even the sheer audacity in the dichotomy so posed. No, and furthermore this is not the place to wax heartbroken over the sins a capricious god has committed... not simply against me but indeed my entire species; confined - remarkably as they are - in the blurry yet so very sharp span of contemporary history. No, friends - and yet with no sense of irony at all that place IS but kitty-corner and two blocks down from where I bode thee direct thy undeserved, thy succulent, thy most deeply yearned for attention in this moment; if I may never again capture it from you for having abused it so mercilessly with such excessive verbosity as this, that I might convince you to spend it increasingly and evermore - though verily for now only in considerately apportioned part: in being a part of the latest additions to the furry.media urban sprawl:

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Companion downloads for foxpa.ws articles, also obscure, deprecated and difficult to find software and datasets. Topics including development, electronics, security, administration, virtualization, linux, solaris, qubes + time saving tools, tips & tricks!


Yes folks, I've finally thrown in the towel - after so many years with a broken comments button I'm shoehorning an off-grade instant messenger into their place. All joking aside, when I set out to write the commenting system my ambition was sky-high and I did not foresee putting the project on - admittedly a sarcastically long - hiatus. I wanted to support three kinds of markup, including safely handling user-supplied HTML even though I'd probably only end up enabling BBCode for foxpa.ws proper. A kinder man would have gone with a minimalist, working implementation and built off it iteratively so that comments would function here and then bells and whistles could be added later, indeed that would on its surface be in keeping with the design philosophy I have espoused for the framework. However I plan to stick to my guns on this one because the commenting system I have in mind is so comprehensive that simply starting off with it instead of dragging around several less-capable versions that only work with one or two increasingly historical sites is not, in fact, what I have in mind for this platform.

That being said I have a plethora of articles sitting hidden in the foxpa.ws private queue which I have already half-written and there are so many things I am planning to document while I continue to attempt to maybe, possibly, one day, sortakinda get my act together which could benefit from public discussion that it seems appropriate to implement a stop-gap measure to bring some level of interactivity to the pages of this blog - even if it's not delivered in the conventional package of conventional bottom-of-page pyramid-style comments. Anti-spam, moderation, eventual importation hurdles and user privacy concerns handily ruled out most of the third-party drop-in solutions out there and a Telegram group would continue to be a reasonable asset to carry forward after in-house commenting is launched. So there you have it; going forward and until I'm done writing in-house comments there will be a blurb at the bottom of articles encouraging you to join the discussion on Telegram or even just skim the (public!) group for discussions others have had regarding an article which captures your fancy.

Additionally, I have created the foxpa.ws downloads channel to leverage Telegram's file hosting capabilities (ironically only a few days after maximum file sizes were reduced to make the new paid tier enticing) and carve out a space I can rely on to archive and share with you all various bits of software and other data that (at least I, with my unfortunate, little peanut-sized fox brain) find difficult to obtain or suspect will soon become as such, plus other files that may supplement future articles which may not quite belong hosted directly under this domain or on this server... I suppose we'll just have to see how this little experiment develops.

Here, have a promotional video I lifted from the Telegram downloads site. A little bird in marketing told me they tend to foster adoption among consumers by illustrating the product's dynamism and utility!


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