Things to make with a 3D Printer

A living list of things I intend to (and subsequently have) made with my 3D printer so I can keep track of ideas before they fall out of my ears and bounce away before they can make it to the printer. Or while I wait for a design to become available. Or while I wait for myself to give up waiting for someone else to do it and make one myself...

Before I bought a 3D Printer I promised myself that I would figure out at least one worthwhile, cost-saving or otherwise difficult to obtain item that I could make so I would never have the shame of being That Guy™ who buys a 3D printer and then just leaves it on a shelf. I made the same promise before buying a Raspberry Pi and have since owned four (and counting); perhaps this list will help you figure out something to do with the 3D printer you have in the mail or on your wish list that can help you avoid the shame of being That Guy (or Gal)™ too! :)

  • 18650 shoulder-short prevention cap
  • CR4040 adapter for CR3230 coin cell lithium batteries (for Microsoft wireless 10key)
  • Auto body removal tools (non-scratch spodgers)
  • Battery holders for various formats in varuous sizes
  • Raspberry Pi cases
  • Pwnagotchi cases
  • Bus Pirate cases
  • Project/demo/breakout board cases for the various ones I have in stock
  • Missing battery covers (for keyboards etc)
  • Libby's arcane weird thing: "Lian Li case clips" https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2691439/files Lian Li PC-60FN female clip
  • Battery Organizer


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