Updating Qubes Post-Installation

This is a brief checklist of operations to conduct after a fresh installation of Qubes. Full documentation is available at https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/updating-qubes-os/.

After configuring your network first update the dom0:
sudo qubes-dom0-update

Next, update your TemplateVMs: Qubes Menu > System Tools > Qubes Update.

The Qubes Update utility doesn't always work the first time for me. If you find it hangs and produces no details launch the TemplateVMs individually and from the command line run:
dnf update
for Fedora and
apt-get update
for Debian.

Now reboot to effect any kernel updates and load the updated dom0 environment.

Install critical software that you will definitely need to your TemplateVMs. Things like:

  • screen
  • sshfs
  • nmap
  • links/lynx
  • nano
  • whois
  • bind-utils (fedora) dnsutils (debian)

Next, duplicate the default fedora and debian TemplateVMs and update your personal, work etc AppVMs to rely on the copies. Since system Qubes like sys-net and usb rely on the default fedora TemplateVM you may regret making changes directly to it when setting up your regular working AppVMs.

Software I like to install into my duplicated TemplateVMs includes:

  • kde-standard
  • kate
  • chromium (part of default repos) or google-chrome (third party download)
  • telegram-desktop


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