Automated Number Announcement Circuit (ANAC) Numbers


An Automated Number Announcement Circuit or ANAC is a voice POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) or VoIP resource, usually provided by carriers although there are a number of privately hosted services, that vocalizes the telephone number you called it from. Some ANAC numbers only work when you are calling them from the same carrier that provides them and will error out if you attempt to call from another provider's system. ANACs are essential assets for fone phreaking. I use them frequently enough - and the Wikipedia article that used to list several keeps getting whittled down due to WP:DIRECTORY violations - that I'm starting a living list of them here. If you have any ANAC numbers you would like to share please join us on Telegram or on Discord and drop me a line (pun intended).

Included at the bottom of the list are some toll free numbers; it should be noted that toll-free service is provided on tiers of geographical reach. Some toll free numbers only work in Canada or the United States, a portion of the United States, or both Canada and the United States - so your ability to reach a toll free ANAC may vary based on your location. All of the toll-free numbers have been tested from Ontario, Canada as of December 31, 2023.

Country Carrier Number Notes
Canada Bell Canada (NPA) 958-2580 416 613 519 905 705 Ontario, does not work for 249 overlay. 450 418 438 514 579 581 819 873 Quebec. Additionally a milliwatt test tone is available at (NPA) 958-1111 (tested December 31 2023).
Canada Rogers Communications (NPA) 555-0311 Only works for Rogers Communications subscribers. 403 Alberta, 519 613 Ontario
Canada SaskTel (NPA) 958-1115 306 Saskatchewan
Canada Eastlink (NPA) 958-2222 PEI
Canada Telus (NPA) 958-6111 403 780 Alberta, 250 BC
Canada Bell Aliant (NPA) 958-9999 506 NB, 709 NL
Canada Manitoba Telecom (NPA) 959-4444 204 Manitoba; 959 is used since 958 is a regular Winnipeg exchange, not a test prefix
Canada (819) 320-1112 Quebec
Canada (819) 320-1180 Most of Quebec
United States 958 A three-digit number in many former NYNEX/Bell Atlantic areas, now Verizon or FairPoint (207 Maine, 212 New York, 215 Pennsylvania, 315 New York, 413 Massachusetts, 508 Massachusetts, 516 New York, 603 New Hampshire, 609 New Jersey, 610 Pennsylvania, 617 Massachusetts, 718 New York, 732 New Jersey, 856 New Jersey, 958 New Jersey)
United States Verizon 959-1114 For all former GTE points in California (area codes 310, 714, 760, 805); also Southwestern Virginia (276), Farmersburg/North Terre Haute/South Terre Haute/Riley Indiana (812) and Durham, North Carolina (919)
United States PacBell (AT&T) 959-1122 California area codes 209, 213, 310, 408, 415, 510, 530, 619, 650, 714, 760, 805, 831, 909, 916 and 925
United States Southwestern Bell (AT&T) 959-1122 417 Missouri, 620 Kansas, 816 Missouri, 913 Kansas, 817 Texas, 972 Texas and 682 Texas
United States CenturyLink 959-3111
United States 1010-732-1770-988-9664 Generally a universal ANAC number in the US, but phones with 1010 blockage or no long distance carrier will give an intercept message.
Australia 1800 801 920
Australia Telstra 127 22 123 Telstra landlines only
Ireland 19 9000 Announces the line number on all Eir lines, including lines where calls are carried by another provider using carrier preselect and lines provided by local-loop unbundling. The number is called out without the leading 0. For example, 021 XXX XXXX is read back as "21 XXX XXXX".
Israel *110 Not working in all networks
New Zealand 1956 or 0 (8) 320-1231 Area code and number
New Zealand 1957 or 0 (8) 320-1234 Local number
United Kingdom Openreach 17070 Openreach Linetest Facilities
United Kingdom Openreach 020 8759 9036 Same recording as 17070 but useful on LLU and cable lines where 17070's functionality is limited. Not usable on mobiles.
Toll Free (USA) MCI (800) 444-2222 Works from Canada
Toll Free (USA) MCI (800) 444-3333 Works from Canada
Toll Free (USA) MCI (800) 437-7950 Works from Canada
Toll Free (USA) (800) 444-4444 "The number you have dialed can not be reached from your calling area" from Canada

An extensive list of North American ANACs can be found at these locations:


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