Electronics Workstation Checklist (Wishlist)

I've moved and all my crap that is not in storage has been sacrificed. It's Christmas time so I'm determined to buy myself an all-new electronics workstation. I'm compiling a list of all the goodies I want to order here so I don't leave any off the list. I'll update with items as I think of them and links to what I settle on as I complete my window shopping and pull the triggers.

  • Soldering Station hakko fx888 hakko 926 936 weller, ursa
  • Decent assortment and stockpile of tips
  • Reflow/Hot Air Station (combo?)
  • Soldering tweezers, anti-magnetic anti-acid
  • Dedicated (cold) tweezer set
  • Component testing tweezers
  • and/or Component tester
  • Heating bed?
  • New gun or pencil (if I see anything worth upgrading for)
  • Lead fume de-breathalyzer
  • Microscope (also crappy usb one?)
  • Board s/levitators/mounts
  • Board flip frame
  • Silicone mat
  • Hot air gun stand/mount
  • Third hand upgrade?
  • Reasonable selection of different sizes of lead free and leaded solders, focus under .5mm
  • Solder paste
  • New flux pens, paste, etc
  • Voltage regulators
  • SMD component assortment
  • Brass sponge (if not included w/ station(s))
  • Isolation transformer
  • USB power isolator(s)
  • Hot snot gun and sticks
  • Digital calipers
  • Magnetizer/demagnetizer
  • Variboard, variboard cutter
  • Compontent grab bags/kits
  • Mounted ground binding point
  • Power supplies riden rd6006 360w, juntek 2000w 3000w
  • Wide range precision resistance substituter iET RS-201W
  • Packs of banana plugs, aligator clips, crimp on terminal connectors, butt splices etc.
  • Desoldering tubes
  • Ceramic tweezers
  • Spot welding wand for metallic strip/lithium battery spot welding machine
  • Nickel plated copper and aluminum strips for spot welding batteries


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