Obtaining Windows and Microsoft Installation Media (ISOs)

In the interest of having a centrally maintained, quickly accessible and easily referred-to URL for obtaining various Windows and Microsoft product installation media (generally in the form of virtual machine hard disk images or installation media (DVD/USB) not-so-optical-anymore disc images (.ISO)) for future articles I am breaking off the following segment of Add Missing Hardware Support (Drivers) to Windows Install Media (DVDs, USB Sticks) to create this perma-resource:

Oh... do forgive my hubris... >.>

...First we need to obtain our installation media. Depending on the version of Windows you wish to work with it may be available for download from the Microsoft website in the form of a direct .ISO image file download, a Media Creation Tool which will facilitate the downloading and installation of a bootable image to a USB stick or burnt to a DVD-R/RW and provide the option of downloading an .ISO image for later recording and/or intermediate modification.

NOTE: Always take special care to run the Media Creation Tool as Administrator! The tool alternates from crashing to working and back again seemingly with each version if you forget to run it as Admin from the top, but only after spending 20 minutes analyzing your existing system...

When Microsoft deep-sixes a product they really go out of their way to make finding it as obnoxious and difficult as possible, typically removing sources one at a time and leaving up many old pages and documents that contain dead links. This is, as far as I am able to determine, the case with Windows 7 which was EoL'd (End of Life'd) January 2020 and has more recently started happening to Windows 8 (though I'm sure everyone's feelings are less mixed here). I don't understand why they have to make such a point of it; they have sophisticated analytics and can tell where people are going on their sites. They know people are looking, they know the links are entirely unnecessarily dead, I don't think it's unfair to assume they are just being pushy dicks.



For suggestions as to what one might populate a fresh Windows installation with, please take a gander yonder: foxpa.ws/windows-software.


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