Make Magnet Links Work in Firefox

Since The Pirate Bay dropped torrent files and started only providing magnet links the other day it became quickly annoying that Firefox wouldn't open them or associate them with my torrent client. The error message one encounters is:

Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (magnet) isn't associated with any program

The solution is to open about:config and add this key:

network.protocol-handler.expose.magnet (boolean) false

Now when you click on a magnet: link you will be prompted to select an application to open it with. In my case I added /usr/bin/vuze and checked the remember box.



FX, your tip was very helpful. But instead of "always ask", I simply chose "uTorrent" under the "other" option. Now instead of getting the error mentioned in the main post, it opens up the download window from uTorrent. (as it was doing before today, I might add.) For some reason this error decided to start showing up today. Anyway, this thread was very helpful.


• ecka

I am sorry where is about:config located ?


You put about:config into the address bar, instead of http://moo.com/

• Ramon

Thanx a lot, you were the only who solved the problem! Nice one!

• CDude

Thanks very much!!!

• FX

In Firefox, under tools/options, click on the applications tab. Scroll down to "magnet" and select to "always ask". Then click on the magnet file and it will ask you which program to use to open it. In transmission, I had to manually "browse" to the program in /usr/bin and select it for it to work. I guess this is because firefox recognized "transmission" but when I browsed to the actual file, the file name was transmission-gtk and not merely "transmission". At any rate, after I did this, it worked fine.

Hope this helps.

• luciferrrrrr

Thanks! I tried similar solutions on other sites with no luck. You really helped me out!

• twino jkis

thanks dude really appreciate!!!!!

• Edzuss

thanks bro ,works good.

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Thank you! I was having some trouble with this.