Raspberry Pi Launched, Still Won't Be Out Forever

I registered with both vendors supplying the new Raspberry Pi only hours after they announced the launch. While I still haven't heard from Premier Farnell, RS has been running through the long list of other contenders today. I received this minutes after a friend in the UK:

Dear Customer

Thank you for joining the Raspberry Pi revolution and registering your interest in Raspberry Pi’s Model B board from RS Components.

We have received extraordinary levels of demand for this product. To help ensure as many people as possible can experience the Raspberry Pi concept, we are limiting boards to one per customer, and we will send you further information on your request in the next seven days. Once we receive the boards into stock, they will be allocated on a first-come first-serve basis, in order of when requests were received.

Thank you for your patience; we will be in touch as soon as possible with more details.

RS Components

I'm not expecting anything different from Farnell.

As I suspected from the outset, demand would be "much higher than we predicted!" and these babies may go like hotcakes on ebay.


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